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Slavic Linguistics

General Resources for Slavic Linguistics

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Resources for Bulgarian Linguistics

Resources for Bulgarian Literature

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Resources for Czech and Slovak Linguistics

Biographical Sources for Czech/Slovak History

Russian Subject Resources

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Archival Terminology


Archival Agencies

Practical Procedures


Russian Archival Resources Bibliography


Resources for Russian Art

Resources for Russian Cinema and Performing Arts

Resources for Russian Music and Opera


Education - compiled by the librarians of the Russian National Library

Emigre Sources ("Russia Abroad")

Emigre General Resources

Emigre Bibliographic Resources

Emigre Biobibliography

Emigre Miscellaneous

Gender Studies


Guides to Russian History

Military Science


Eastern Orthodox Church

Other Religions

Biographical Sources for Religion and Philosophy in Russia



Bibliography of Russian Literary Resources

Politics - Biographical Sources

Polish Subject Resources

Polish Historical Resources

Ukrainian Subject Resources

Resources for Ukrainian Linguistics

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Slavic Biography

General Biographical Sources/Guides for All Countries

Encyclopedias as Biographical Resources


Resources for Obituaries


Archive Guides as Biographical Resources

Biographical Dictionaries

Memoirs/Travel Writing

Cemetery Guides and Necrologies

Biographical Sources for Emigres

Biographical Sources for Judaica

Biographical Sources for Russia

Guides to Biographical Literature

Cemetery Guides and Necrologies for Russians

Russian Biographical Dictionaries

Russian Memoir/Traveler Resources

Biographical Sources for Russian/Soviet Academics and Scholars

Russian Archive Guides for Biographical Research

Victims of Repression/War

Biographical Sources for Russian/Soviet Judaica

Biographical Sources for Hungary

Biographical Sources for the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Biographical Dictionaries for Czechs and Slovaks

Biographical Sources for Czech/Slovak Academics and Scholars

Polish Biographical Resources

General Biographical Sources for Poland

Polish Memoir Resources

Polish Bibliographies for Victims of War

Polish Cemetery Guides and Necrologies

Biographical Sources for Ukrainian Academics and Scholars

Biographical Sources for Yugoslavia

Biographical Sources for Baltic Countries

Biographical Sources for Bulgaria


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